Episode 81: How To Be Awesome At Making Your Kids Birthday Morning Extra Special

How to be awesome at making your kids birthday mornings so special.

Birthday mornings are my favorite just because it sets the tone for your entire day.  If you have the BEST birthday morning, the rest of the day is just awesome.  You feel loved and celebrated and so special on your special day.  In this episode, I’m sharing all my favorite tips for decorating your kids room and creative ways to give them their presents and how to make the first part of their day extra great.  I’m talking about ways to do it on a budget, and ways to do it more extravagant and everything in between.  

We all just get one day a year.  And for a kid, it’s like the most important day of the year for them, and they remember it.  So I think it’s really worth taking the time, and it’s actually really fun, to set-up something special for them.  In this episode I’m giving you ALL the ideas!  

Some key posts from this episode:

🎈 Start with decorating their room

🎈 Have their presents in their room too, to open in the morning!

🎈 Think about what your child is REALLY into at this moment in time, and build something around that.

🎈 Make a note on your calendar one month before their birthday to plan for their birthday morning set-up.

🎈 Look on Etsy for creative banners or shirts or decor to go with your idea/theme.

🎈 How to fully decorate their room on a $40 budget.

🎈 Consider starting the day with a birthday dessert or treat in bed or as an outing.

🎈 Think about how you can use balloons or decorations from their party if they are having one

🎈 Consider a scavenger hunt

🎈 Even for teens, there are so many ways to make it “not lame” 😂

🎈 Think about it ahead of time and think of what will really make them smile and laugh.  That’s our goal!

Happy celebrating!!

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