Episode 75: How To Be Awesome At Saying No To Things That Aren’t A Hell Yes

How To Be Awesome At Saying No To Things That Aren’t A Hell Yes

When making decisions, if it’s not a “HELL YES” for you… then I think it should be a no. And I’ll explain why.

Life is all about choices and how you spend your time.
The little choices and the big choices make up our whole life.

And if you say no to most things, you leave room for more 10s in your day and for the unexpected “HELL YES’s!”

We are all so busy. Most of us have taken on way too much and are saying yes to way too many things. I think that saying no may be the way out. The way to stop being over-committed and scattered. The way to be intentional with your time and present in the moment.

No isn’t negative, even though we often think of it like it is. This podcast will teach you how to look at “no’s” as positives, because in saying no, you’re saying “HELL YES!” to other things. Things that you really want to do. Things that set your soul on fire. It’s a good start of the week podcast to help us really focus on what we want to spend our time doing and what areas of life we want to see the most growth. Say “HELL YES” to those and no to just about everything else and I think you’ll be happier, have less regret and have more 10’s each day!

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