Episode 62: How To Be Awesome At Realizing How Great We Have It

How To Be Awesome At Realizing How Great We Have It

Our ancestors dealt with so much.  The Black Plague, Slavery, the Holocaust, kids being sent to fight in war through a draft… the list is endless.  

YES we have lots of messed up stuff in our society and in our government … but this podcast is to make you step a back and look at the big picture and realize- we have it SO great.  On our worst day, we have it 200 million times better than our ancestors. 

Lindsay says she is in no way minimizing the terrible things happening in the world.  Completely the opposite.  She's going to approach it from a different way, a way of empowerment.  

Let’s be passionate, let’s do good.  And let’s do it from the perspective of… this is the greatest time to be alive ever… and how awesome it is to live right now. And how many opportunities we have because of technology and how many advantages we have that our ancestors just didn't.

Lindsay shares some very practical ways to change the conversation in your head when it’s going down a negative spiral:

  • Play loud music
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Watch a Ted Talk
  • Call someone positive 
  • Do something physical 
  • Take a cold shower

The goal today is to realize that we can do so much more each day if we wake up thinking…"HELL YA!  I’m alive today and the sun is shining and let’s go do stuff!”… rather than all the things that aren’t fair in the world.  

The opportunity is so ridiculous.

We just need to figure out what we are going to do with it. 

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