Episode 54: How To Be Awesome At Losing Quarantine Weight

How To Be Awesome At Losing Quarantine Weight

In this episode, Lindsay talks about How To Be Awesome At Losing Quarantine Weight.

We have a lot on our plates right now and a lot of stress at times. We worry about staying healthy, and finances, homeschooling our kids and how to do our best to keep our risk of getting sick as low as possible. So the first step here is to give yourself a little grace, and realize that you’re under a lot of pressure right now and the last thing you need is stress about a few extra pounds.

If you aren’t feeling like yourself and it’s making you bummed or even depressed… or having negative body talk go on in your head… then let’s talk about how to change it! 

Lindsay shares her best tips for losing the weight you’ve gained in quarantine. For no other reason than to help you feel your best. So you come out of this feeling excited to charge back into the world, not wanting to crawl back into your hole. We’re having a little quarantine weight loss session here friends, let’s go! 

Here are some topics Lindsay covers: 

❤️Create routines that work

❤️Intermittent Fasting 

❤️Limit your booze, sugar and carbs

❤️Find other ways to satisfy your cravings 

❤️But still eat a TON of food! Whole Foods!


❤️Move and sweat 

❤️Eat BIG meals instead of grazing - make sure you leave satisfied 

❤️Be kind to yourself

❤️No fad diets - consistency is what works!! 

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