Episode 53: How To Be Awesome At Forgiveness

How To Be Awesome At Forgiveness

We have all had shitty things happen to us in life. Some of us have been lucky and haven’t had that many experiences that have hurt or devastated us. Others of us haven’t been so lucky and have had some messed up stuff happen - maybe so much that forgiveness seems completely impossible.

But we have to forgive- because here’s the thing- you’re the only one that is losing out by holding on to it. By not forgiving you’re actually allowing it to still affect you. And we only have so much mental bandwidth. All those negative thoughts are taking up space. Space that could be filled with thoughts that made you feel great and fulfilled and alive and excited.  

Lindsay talks about how she thinks that forgiveness is a skill that needs to be exercised- just like physical exercise with our bodies.

It’s not easy and for most of us, it doesn’t come natural, so we have to work on it. 

If you’re holding on to something that you could be forgiving someone for, big or small, this episode can really open your eyes to the power that you hold in the situation.  

Lindsay talks about what to do if YOU are the one that you need to forgive!  And all the ways you can forgive someone, but not forget what happened, and still not have it weigh you down.  

This episode is all about getting rid of resentment and unstick yourself from the moment in which the terrible thing happened.  

Lindsay gives some practical ways to actually take action and start the process of forgiveness.  

Forgiveness is essential for your own happiness and mental clarity. It’s truly a mental superpower✨… and this episode talks about how to get there ❤️

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