Episode 48: How To Be Awesome At Batch Working For Efficiency

How To Be Awesome At Batch Working For Efficiency

This episode is all about batch working!  Lindsay shares how she uses this hack to DOUBLE her productivity. 

Batch working is the process of dividing up your work into similar topics so you can do them in all at once, rather than jumping from task to task.

Lindsay explains how batch working saves her so much time and makes her feel so accomplished because she actually gets ahead on things and doesn't always feel behind with a never-ending to do list. 

She's sharing all the ways she uses batch working in her personal life and in her business life to get things done more efficiently and feel more organized.  

We are going to look at all the things you have to do, and make a plan to do them more efficiently.  There is this energy you have when you know what you are about to do that day- it's just a different energy than when you show up and let you email dictate your day.  

Over time, Lindsay has figured out how to batch work to get through her list more efficiently and simply, get more done. 

It’s about organizing the things in your life that you are doing and doing and doing over and over again. 

Lindsay explains how she felt so much more mentally free because she’s not always trying to keep up with the day and keep head above water.  Batch work the bulky stuff so you can focus on the little stuff.  

Do this by writing out your whole list, then bundle things together that can be batch worked!  

When you have a CLEAR plan - it's so much easier to show up and get the job done.

Another helpful tip- listen back to the podcast on automate, eliminate and delegate.  This combined with batch working will really take your productivity to the next level! 

It’s all about focusing on doing one thing at a time and doing it well.

And it also it helps your confidence.  And helps you believe that what you are doing is going to WORK.  

With the efficiency comes clarity and you feel like you DESERVE YOUR FREE TIME. 

Lindsay hopes this episode helps you get through your to do list and live in a state of mental clarity and fulfillment because you’ve gotten SO MUCH DONE!  

And that’s AWESOME!

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