Episode 39: How To Be Awesome At Being Happy For Other People

Here’s the thing… Somehow most of are programed to look at others peoples lives and compare them to our own.  Imagine how freeing it is if you could look at someone else’s feed or hear about a big win one of your friends had in life and be genuinely happy for them.  

And not do it in a judgmental way or in a jealous way or comparing in anyway at all.

It’s the best feeling to be in such a good place was where you’re at… even if you’re not where you want to be… if you haven't accomplished your goals or life hasn’t completely falling into place the way you want it too… just knowing that it’s a journey and there are ebs and flows and at the end of the day you’re confident and you love yourself unconditionally so you have the space and capacity to genuinely be happy for somebody else.

Do you know what the best part is! People are happier for you when good things happen to you… because they remember how good you made them feel when something happened to them!

So let’s all take a minute to be mindful about it and get to a place where we’re genuinely happy for everyone around us… even if we don’t know them… even if they do things differently than we do… we’re going be happy for them because it puts out good energy into the world and that always comes back to you!

Thank you for listening and being so open-minded.  Now let’s go out and find someone to cheer for!! 

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