Episode 38: How To Be Awesome At Working Out From Home


💪🏼 Lindsay tries to convince you why working out at home is the BEST!  Because it saves you time and money… and it’s easier to make it happen each day!  

💪🏼 Here are the programs Lindsay LOVES!

OBE Fitness 

Tracy Anderson fitness 

Beach Body Fitness 

💪🏼Here are links to Lindsay’s favorite pieces of equipment:

Peleton treadmill 

Amazon leg weights 

Black weights - I use 3lb, 5lb., 8lb., 10lb., 12lb., 15lb. and 20lb. hand weights! 

💪🏼Don’t get distracted!
The hardest part about not being in a class is you can get distracted!!
What to do when you don’t feel like it?
But listen your best each day is going to be different. 
Do it... change it up somehow… do something that does sound good… play something that sounds fun - maybe it's a show you like or something else that will help the time go by.  Or get outside and do it!  

Lindsay makes it happen just about everyday … because she schedules it in… and it’s easier to get in a quick session if you are short on time. 

She works out for health and to sweat and to feel good and to live a long time.

So as we know, there just aren’t any shortcuts to that.  You have to show up and put in the work… but you can make it so much FUN too by doing it in a way that is exciting to you and you’re doing things that you like.  

We hope this helps inspire you to MAKE the DECISION to work out at home… and love it and make it a way of life. So it’s not a debate in your mind each morning, the decision has already been made, you just need to execute on it.

Thank you for listening!  Now let’s wake up early tomorrow and workout from home!! 

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