Episode 36: How To Be Awesome At Having Patience With Kids!

My very first guest today!  My 9 year old daughter Stella!  I wanted a kids perspective when talking about this!  

We’re talking about PATIENCE!!  

How do you have patience with kids who won’t move on to the next step?

This is where I get the most frustrated… get in the car for school… come sit down for dinner… time to brush your teeth… 

This is where I have the most frustration… and how I need to tell myself to be patient 




Sometimes we all need a BRAIN BREAK! 

When my kids flip out or loose it or yell or some other response that isn’t ideal for the situation… I have them walk around the corner… out of sight… I tell them to take a brain break and come back. Don’t come back until you’re ready.. until you’re in a better state of mind. 
OR I take a brain break!! 
I take a deep breath.. or I walk away for a minute!
RATHER THAN throwing out consequences that are too harsh and I’m not going to actually execute.  And that's the key - we have to stick to what we say.  
SO … GET NEUTRAL before giving consequences!
I also get into how to be a-tune to where your kids are developmentally and how to be realistic.  Also… how to deal with babies when they are frustrating! 
I go through how I’ve learned to LISTEN!  I thought I was in my younger years of being a parent… but then I realized a lot of time I wasn’t.  I want to know how THEY feel… sometimes I THOUGHT I was being patient but they actually thought I wasn't.  Then when I heard their explanation of it- I could totally see your point.

I want to make make sure my kids feel like they are being heard.

I talk about giving my kids choices… and accepting who they are and not trying to control them.  

Lots of fun stuff packed in this one… and I hope this podcast helps you take a step back and remember how important it is to be patient with our kids. It’s just so important for their happiness and for your relationship… and for the overall feeling in your home.  As hard as it can be at times, I think it’s one of the most important things we need to work to master as parents.  

Cheers to having patience!  Even when they won’t get in the damn car!

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