Episode 32: How To Be Awesome In Times Of Uncertainty


This podcast is going to be different if you are listening to it weeks or months after its release date… but really so much of the concepts can apply to other situations.

Uncertainty.. the unknown… the scary parts and the what-if’s and the worst case scenario thinking.

Lindsay’s tackling the Corona virus… and where we are at and how we can approach it without losing our minds or getting depressed or so much stress from worrying that we can’t function!

She reminds you that you can control your emotions, your mood, the way you breathe, how you prepare for things, how you solve things, how you’re treating others around you, how you’re taking care of your body and putting the health and happiness of yourself and your family at the top of your priority list.

Listen in today as Lindsay shares how she is preparing her home and her pantry for self-quarantine.  Lots of talk about healthy foods and boosting your immune system… and so many other things that contribute to your overall health, which is all of our highest priorities at this point.  

Let’s take a breath, put on some calm music, and make the best decisions we can in this uncertain time.

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