Episode 26: How To Be Awesome At Packing For A Trip


Packing can be such a pain!  I know a lot of people leave it to the last night… because you’re probably dreading it.

And trying to get stuff done before you leave and it’s the last thing on your list but this is my very first tip!!! 
Don't pack the night before!! You will over pack and forget stuff!!
Plan to do it a few days ahead of time so you have time to pick-up anything you're missing!
My other BEST tips!! 
  • Send a box ahead of time.
  • If you’re bringing a car seat bring your usual one and get a cover OR get a compact travel one - I'll link both!
  • Avoid overpacking!
  • Weigh your luggage ahead of time
  • Avoid underpacking!
  • You can buy most things you could want when you get there!
  • Get a lightweight suitcase
Check the airlines so you know what you’re working with… you may get 2 free bags with your flight so it might be better to spread out the weight rather than filling one to the tippy tippy top and risking overweight fees. But I’m telling you… sending a box ahead of time is GOLD! 
Vacation is supposed to be FUN and now packing can be fun too! It should get you excited for your trip… and if you do it ahead of time, it won’t be stressful!  And you start your vacation rested and ready to have fun!  Let me know what you thought out this episode!
And cheers! To vacation! 


Favorite travel item links:

Travel car seat

Car seat cover (if taking your regular car seat)

Packing cubes

Personalized luggage tags

Luggage scale 

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