Episode 25: How To Be Awesome At Automating, Eliminating & Delegating


Today, Lindsay talks all about doing what you’re best at and what you like doing the most.  

Start with a good brain dump.   Write it all down… big and small… things you want to do today, this week, this year or things you think you do until next year… whatever it is, if it’s on your mind… get it out!  

Then, go through your list and see what falls into each category.

Automate.  Eliminate.  Delegate.

Are you making yourself crazy trying to do everything yourself??  You have to stop! 

And here’s how! 

1.  Automate

Automation takes time and makes it into more time.
Anything you create a process for today…. saves you time tomorrow.  So you get a return on this time invested. 


2.  Eliminate 

Does it really need to be done? 

One of the hardest parts of this is… we struggle with guilt.

We want to say no but we end up saying yes. 

We go through life trying to never say no. 

You can’t go through life trying to never say no because the thing is… you are always saying no to something - anytime you say yes to one thing- you are saying no to an infinite number of other things.

But you have to think about… what items on your list don’t absolutely need to be done? 

Which items do you do because you think you “should” and not because it serves any particular purpose?  
What do you do for others out of obligation or guilt?  
Which activities do you do simply because you've always done them, even though you may not need to anymore? 
What do you do mindlessly, without intention?


3.  Delegate 

What can someone else do for you?

Because you dread it or maybe they can be more efficient with it?

A lot of time we don’t delegate because we think… they can’t do it as well as we do.

And a lot of times that's true! But you have to allow for imperfection! And understand they will likely get better at it! 
First, find the right person and how them how you do it.  Then, focus on the outcome and let go of the process.  Speed over perfection, baby!! 
THEN… look at what's left on your list!  Evaluate what remains!!  Your list shouldn’t be a million miles long anymore. You should be left with your essential few! 

Lindsay’s a big fan of looking at what we are doing… and what parts of it do you like and not like?   What do you dread?  Maybe you don’t have to dread it.. maybe you don’t have to do it at all! Because for so many things…. You can delegate, automate and eliminate. 

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