Episode 240. How To Be Awesome At Eating 100 Grams Of Protein Per Day


I hesitate to do podcast episodes on certain topics because there are experts that are far more wise and on these topics and can explain it in great detail… but here’s the thing. The point of this podcast is to bring up topics that I think will make you and your life more awesome.  

Today’s episode is one of those.  I think that for most people, if you increase the amount of protein you intake, you will feel more awesome, in lots of ways.  

Sleep better, feel more satisfied and have more energy!

I really believe that high quality protein intake is a total superpower.

If you don’t make any other change to your diet- just add more protein- ideally 30 grams per meal- you will feel more satisfied, eat less junk, have more regulated blood sugar levels and build more muscle.

Again, I’m not an expert, but I read and listen to a lot of them. And today, I’m sharing all the best tips on how to actually eat enough protein.  

Here are a few things Lindsay talks about!

-I believe that losing weight the right way- the healthy way- and slow and steady is not to overly restrict calories.
-Yes, you lose weight by being in a calorie deficit - fact.

-But by eating more protein, you are getting high quality sustainability. You have energy and brain clarity.

-When I was younger and I’d try out diets, I’d just feel so wiped and low on energy!

-You feel satisfied and you lose weight!!
-And you get off the sugar rollercoaster

-Grassfed meat
Pastured eggs
Wild salmon
Protein powder
Steak, chicken, fish, turkey

-Limit refined carbs, sugar and seed oils.

-This is about fueling your body throughout the day!!

-It’s crazy that we all have to learn this on our own, and if you’re like me, not until full on adulthood to really get it.
We should learn blood sugar balance in health class.

-And here are some more!!
Sugar is the enemy- not salt or anything else
Eating fat does not make you fat
Vegetable and seed oils are not healthy
Refined grains are not healthy

-We should learn how to really read a nutrition label.  We learned calories and carbs- but not

-Protein, Carbs, Fats- 3 macronutrients that we can eat.
Many are a mix- like nuts have all 3 - but sometimes a food is primarily something -
Chicken - protein
Orange - carb
Avocado - fat

-We have hunger hormones that scream at us all day - protein is the most satisfying macronutrient to satisfy over half of our hunger hormones.

-When you eat enough protein, and an optimal amount, not only is it not having an effect on your blood sugar
It is satisfying you in a way that your body
We will continue to eat until we get the amino acids that your body is craving.

-It’s so interesting how important protein is.

-Blood sugar is important to understand because it affects our mood and

-The proteins and the fats

-Protein is the slowest to digest so it keeps you fuller!!  
Meals should keep you satisfied for 4-6 hours.
Your meals should sustain you through the day!

-To work and take care of kids and have fresh thoughts!

-And it keeps our blood sugar level regulated!

-The first meal of the day is so important

One egg - 6 g of protein

-Never want to eat naked carbs- spikes your carbs and makes you crave more carbs - within 2 hours of just having toast

-It won’t sustain you for 6 hours - its not enough to get you there.

-30 grams per meal and breakfast is most important time.

-Afternoon we crave - cookie, brownie, sugar coffee

-Eating Whole Foods and getting the right mix of macro nutrients on your plate

PRODUCTS mentioned:

Clean protein powder

Mid Day Squares

Minimally processed popcorn

CHEERS to up-ping your protein for overall awesomeness!