225. Life After Selling My Company

It’s been a minute since we’ve done a life update and I thought it was a good time for a check in chat as I’m approaching the almost one year mark of selling the company that I started when I was 20 years old… and sold when I turned 40. 
Twenty years of owning and operating a business where I created beauty products and sold them online and through a home shopping network and in some of the largest national retailers and throughout many countries. And the professional side of the business where I manufactured and sold pro spray tanning equipment and products so industry pros could offer the pro spray tanning service to their clients or start their own business doing it. 

It was a big business and had lots of moving parts and it was my first baby.   So I wasn’t sure what selling it would mean for me personally and what I would do next. 
I have an ideas book that I have on my body at all times and I would write notes about what set my soul of fire and I loved the most about being an entrepreneur and I wanted to sort of give it time to settle and figure out what I would start next.  And then, the craziest thing happened that’s never happened in my business life before, I sort of fell into the next right thing.
Sharing my journey and so many inspirational tid bits along the way today.   
In the first few months, I organized my life and kept notes on what I wanted to do and not do. 
I knew I wanted to have freedom and experience new things and feel the HIGH of entrepreneurship again. 
It looks different in ages and stages of your life. 
I was done managing a big team for awhile- but love the opportunities that exist now. 
Being an entrepreneur can be the most exciting thing ever- for so many reasons.  How it makes you feel, the money you can make, the freedom to design your life. 
I’m so passionate about entrepreneurship because of what I can do for your life. 
So I was sorting out my life and people would DM me on IG or get my email or ask questions through a mutual friend we have. Hey I know you did this in business, can I pick your brain etc. 
Advice turned into coaching / mentoring … 
I was like sure, but I can’t commit to long term. 
I know the value that all my experience in business brings.
And I am so passionate about women building businesses and doing what they love. 
And life FULLY so you feel alive and fulfilled. And not just living in routine. 
To me, it all adds up to you being the strongest and best version of you. 
What would it look like if you decided that you were going to take your business and grow it so it’s life changing… or start a business that is? 
What if you REALLY believed that you can make the crazy dream happen? 
What if you committed to doing the hard work, and sacrificed NOW for freedom LATER (and forever!) 
Instead of saying… when I hit X amount of followers then I will be ready to start. 
Instead of saying… there are already too many people in this space, realize there is space for the unique you. 
WHY are so many women unhappy with what they’re doing? 
To me, the meaning of life is doing the things you LOVE with the people you LOVE.  So if you aren’t getting enough of that, we need to recalibrate. 
Here are the things I’ve done:
-opened a day spa and ran it for years and sold it once we were at max capacity. 
-created a beauty brand - with over 24 products 
-sold online through strategic marketing tactics 
-sold on home shopping network
-got into major retailers and supported their sales 
-trained teams across the country
-created another beauty brand with a top YouTube influencer 
-increased sales year after year while having babies 

Here are the ways I can help people in business: 
-finding manufacturers, getting products made
-making a game plan for your success 
-getting in front of buyers for your product or service 
-marketing your service in creative but low cost ways
-working with influencers to sell your product or grow your brand 
-start a podcast
-start a blog 
-the ins and outs of Shopify and selling online- direct to consumer 
-growing retail business - store or spa set-ups 
-using social media to promote your service/brand for FREE
-working with brands / collaborations 
For our 30 days together, we are business besties. 
I help in whatever way you need.
I just take 2 clients per month so we can really have the time to make huge strides in our month together.
We first establish what works great with your business and what you think you need help with- what your life looks like now and what you want it to look like. 
**Now if this isn’t for you now, keep it in your back pocket because it could be one day. 
It’s not just about building the business but about building a life that you’re obsessed with.  Knowing that what worked for you before might not work for you today. 
Sometimes you just need someone from the outside to give you the push, or open doors for you.  That’s the key. 
As your business bestie, we work through the FEAR if we need to! 
In the mentoring that I’ve done so far… this is what I’ve learned.
-Some people need help getting out of their own way.  Stop telling yourself the story about past mistakes or how someone else doubted you.  To let go of the judgment of yourself or shame around something. 
-Other women needed an outside perspective.  OH MY GOSH how I needed this at points of my business.  
-None of us are here to be the 70% version of ourselves.  We put up our own barriers that don’t really exist. 
-Rather than looking for outside validation, what if we realized we had the power to unlock it all - we’ve had the power the whole time.  We just have to make the decision.  Commit and work hard for. 
-After enough practice, it becomes WHO you ARE.  
-You have game changing MAGIC that just needs to be called on. 
-Let’s find out what you love the most and what you’re best at and how to make it so big that it changes your life. 
-Some people need help with the mindset shift… other people need help with the tactical and practical steps that it takes to reach the next level. 
I’m so excited to meet more of you and chat to see if it could be a fit to work together. 
Life after selling my business has been all unexpected in the best way possible.  It feels so great to fall into the next thing that feels SO RIGHT on SO MANY LEVELS.  I get to dive into different businesses and see huge progress quickly and see changes and how it affects lives. 
And for me personally, life after selling my company, feels so rewarding because I’m using ALL of what I learned - the fails and the wins- and the people I know to help other people make magic happen. 
And I believe so much in what I do because I’ve lived it and I’ve done it.  I worked 12 hours a day for most of my life.  I’m not a mentor or a coach that teaches about coaching.  No shade to anyone for doing what they do - but I’ve never understood business coaching without playing the game yourself- for a long while.  Because there is so much to do and learn.  I have the passion and the confidence because I have lived it and put in the hard work to learn what I don’t know and get my mind right for the headaches and the struggles and the hard months and to learn what I don’t know when I need to know it. 
And the other thing I am working on!! Is sharing awesome things!  I love sharing the best things in a certain category or ways to make your life easier or gift more thoughtful gifts and all that.  So my team and I are working on a cool daily awesome thing concept that is unlike anything I’ve seen- just not done the same way so I’m super jazzed on bringing that out soon too. 
And then we’ll see what’s next!! 
DM me @LindsaysCloud on IG about working together or email me LindsayDickhout@gmail.com and let’s chat about your business. 

CHEERS to all the things that make us feel alive and the best versions of ourselves!