224. How To Be Awesome At Low Sugar Cocktails

I feel like I spent all of my 20s… and actually some of my 30s trying to figure out how to order or make yummy cocktails that aren’t packed with sugar.
And not just because of calories or overall health… but also… how what you drink makes you FEEL.  For me… just one or two sugary drinks puts my stomach in a tailspin and I feel terrible. Like a sugary belly that’s hard to recover from. 
Plus you feel GOOD the next day instead of terrible if you drink things that are better for you. 
We’re ditching the simple syrups and the added sugar in our drinks… and we aren’t going to miss them at all! 
Today I’m giving you lots of ideas of what the order at a restaurant or bar… or make yourself at home that are as healthy as boozy drinks can be. 
Here are some things we chat about:
Pick the thing you love most and will be the most satisfied with - make sure it hits your sweet spot 
When buying wine… you’re not going to get the fancy stuff… but it’s the best for you! 
Dry Farms Wine- always the best 
Organically grown - no added anything 
When ordering out-manage your order!  You’ll be a pain ordering, but you’ll love it so much more. 
Swap the sugar for fruit however you can.  So it’s sweet but naturally sweetened. 
One other way to do it - bring your own splashy of something that you like.
Ask what fresh juices they have - no canned or bottled - and never syrups or simple syrups. 
If that isn’t good, ask what fruits they have then ask for it to be all smashed and muddled up. 
Bring your own or ordering out- a little splash of something YUMMY! 
PORTION - is really the key!  Have 3 not 10!
Clear hard booze is always better - vodka, gin, tequila 
CIROC is Lindsay’s fav because it comes from grapes! 
There are so many ways to enjoy your cocktails without having a ton of extra sugar and calories.  Lindsay talks through them today!  

So the next time you’re home and want to relax with a drink… or out and figuring out what to order…. You’ll have SO MANY ideas of what to get that are delish and you’ll feel good that day and the next day!