222. How To Be Awesome At Knowing Your Headspace Determines Everything

Think about this… the mood that you’re in determines everything. 

We all sort of know - your mindset determines your reactions.

But in the last month I’ve been obsessed with the idea of how real it is that literally everything that happens to you is a result of the mindset you had going into the situation. 

Real life example - we’re all eating and my husband says- gosh mom makes great eggs… and great french toast. Now that I think about it, we all just really only like the breakfast foods that she cooks. 

If I’m in a good headspace my response is- WOW Dad’s got jokes huh? You’re welcome darling, you’re welcome! 

Or if I’m in a bad headspace my response is likely - You’ve gotta be F-ing kidding me do you know how many HOURS I spend cooking meals for all of you and then you guys all head up to your happy spaces and relax while I get to clean it all up?  What an ungrateful and inconsiderate thing to say you 

Now if you know me there is no bigger kick in the gut.  I spend so many hours in the kitchen trying to make super healthy yet super delicious foods that everyone likes. I know he’s trying to be funny- but I also know that there’s some truth to what he’s saying… but my reaction determines how the WHOLE THING goes.  Does it end up in a full on argument because that was a hurtful jab in front of the kids? Or am I able to take the hit and serve it right back and we chalk it up to we all don’t take each other so seriously? 

Think about it… if you’re irritated and someone says something irritating to you… you’re on fire!  You were basically waiting to get on fire. 

But if you’re in a good happy headspace, you’re able to laugh it off or ignore it or realize this is a THEM issue not a YOU issue. 

Whether it’s with your spouse or a coworker or your kids… anyone in your life.

So how do we hack it?  We pause life and get back in a good headspace when we are off… or we pull back and don’t do so many things. 

There’s no point in being somewhere if you’re in a bad mood while you’re there. 

Today we are deep diving into how our headspace affects everything around us. 

Here are some things that Lindsay talks about: 

-It’s all about perspective!

-Figure out what makes you the happiest 

-People are the happiest when you get to do what you want to be doing 

-Are we looking for quick highs? Or actual 

-This is why I talk so much about getting in your 10s. 

-Self care - slow it down and do the things that make you happy. 

-Be alone. 

-We have to cut complaining and stop being around people who complain. 

-Take full accountability for it - this is so empowering because we control what happens to us.  Nobody else controls our happiness.  

-Not letting mistakes get you down. 

-Look forward 

-Put in work instead of complaining - about whatever it is - that you are in debt or overweight etc. 

Your headspace is everything.  Fight like hell to stay in a good headspace and recalibrate when you can tell that you’re off. 

CHEERS to you and your happy headspace!