220. How To Be Awesome At Making Fitness Your Superpower

We all know the benefits of exercise. It’s good for us in the short term and in the long term… it’s good for us physically and mentally.
But, it’s often hard to find the time or motivation or to get momentum going with it.

Today’s podcast is all about finding fitness that you LOVE, so you look forward to it and you enjoy it, versus seeing it as chore and something you kinda dread but do it because you feel like you have to do it.

We’re talking about your relationship with fitness today… how you think about it and approach it… and how  changing up what you’re doing and how you think about it could be one of the biggest game changers in your overall physical health but even more so for your mental health.  Focusing on fitness that you do at the start of everyday in a way that when you end, you feel like the best version of yourself, going into the day.

Approaching fitness in a creative way allows you to really lean into the movement that makes you feel the best and that you enjoy doing. And it shifts from something dreaded to something that makes you feel alive and strong and more balanced and centered.

Here are some of the points Lindsay discusses:

-Change it up is key

-Watch or listen to something interesting to keep the time moving
**pick ahead of time!  So there is no wasting time when it’s game time

-Challenge your body with new movement

Fitness ideas: trampoline, heavy weights, running distance challenges, sculpt classes via OBE fitness online, running stairs with a body weight on, running the beach, boxing.

-Momentum is everything - it’s more about the consistency of it than what you actually do.  Show up everyday (or almost everyday) and give as much as you have each day.

-Fitness can feel like this morning clarity - physically and mentally

-Get something hard in before the day even gets going - get in an early win

-Do it alone or with friends depending on what feels best to you

-Build it into the routine - it’s already been decided and time made for it

-Love it so much that you do it on vacation

-The best way to get momentum is just start. You don’t a full plan or fancy equipment just move your body to get going. The feeling will be enough to start the motivation.

-Make it your own competition to beat yourself - you’re in a solo competition. Comparing to social media or other people is always a losing game.

We aren’t here to be the 80% versions of ourselves.  Let’s get up and move and start our days feeling ALIVE and strong and powerful.  

The discipline of it builds self confidence and happiness. And that’s AWESOME!