Episode 22: How To Be Awesome At Speed Over Perfection


Today’s episode is all about execution.  Getting things done, not trying to make them perfect… speed over perfection!

We’re going to talk about how to make ourselves more efficient in the way we do things and how we can be more decisive and GET THINGS DONE!

For so many people it’s so hard to put something out into the world that they don’t think is absolutely perfect… I get it!  But here’s the thing… it’s better than putting nothing out into the world!

We can’t worry about judgment… we’re just going to work in fast-mode!

This way of thinking made me so much happier because I was seeing more progress in all parts of my life.
Speed over perfection!

In order to get used to speed over perfection… we need to do a few things…

  • Improve our processes… get a routine down so you aren’t making a million little decisions in a day and get decision fatigue!
  • Accept that not everything you do is going to be 110%… and that’s OK!  In fact it’s amazing!
  • Don’t worry about mistakes.. most are easily correctable!
  • Timing in life is everything!
  • Stop making things more complicated than they need to be
  • You don’t have to start everything from scratch
  • Stop multi-tasking (most of the time)
  • Stop being afraid of judgment
  • Be more decisive

Here’s the thing.  Life is moving fast… and I really believe that when you think the things you want or need to do.. and getting them done… you have to think about speed first and perfection second.  Make it happen first, you can always make it better laster.. in some way.  Execute and move on. Execute and move on.  You’ll get so much more done, you’ll feel more productive and happy and not as behind on all the things you need to do.  Because you’re focusing on one task, completing it then moving on to the next.

You’re not worrying about judgment, you’re not multi-tasking everything out, you’re not over complicating things… it’s speed over perfection and it’s awesome!

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