219. How To Be Awesome At Getting In Your 10s With ONE Hack!

We have the BEST happiness hack to share with you today!
It’s all about focusing in on those little things that make you so happy on the daily - the things Lindsay calls your 10s.  Some could take 10 seconds and others 10 minutes and others and hour.  The whole point is to identify each week, those things that make you feel alive and bring joy to your days. 
Then, let’s write them down and make it like a game… a challenge to hit them each day.
We often look to the BIG moments and days… like special events and birthdays or Mother’s Day… and we love those celebrations but sometimes things don’t go as planned… someone gets sick or the day goes sideways. 
That’s why we love leaning into the small moments - those little things that make you happy on the daily.  Lindsay swears by this method.  It helps you feel overall more happy and centered and energetic and have more patience and compassion - because you’re getting in those things that make you feel the BEST. 
It’s your daily challenge to get in as many 10s as you can… and be intentional with how you spend your time… and the result is having days that feel more full and fulfilling and happy.  
Here are some points Lindsay makes: 
-Get a fun note-pad- it totally helps! 
-It makes you happier and gives you “self time” without setting aside time for a facial and a massage.  It’s little things all day long. 
-BEST part is that it helps you be the best version of yourself - the person you want to be. When you’re pouring from an empty cup- you feel depleted.  You’re wiped and less patient and not enjoying the day as much as you could. 
Doing it this way, when your kids are hard or someone at work is being an asshole, you’re coming to the situation with a much better perspective and mindset.  You’re constantly doing things you love and feeling fulfilled - so you are better prepared for the challenges and handle them in the way you want to. 
-Do this at the start of the week- Sunday or Monday 
-These are not goals!  This is happiness based!
-Separate them best by when you are most likely to do them- and when it feels best. 
-Two ways to separate it….
Mid Day 
-In the am we have the most energy and focus - so put those things here. 
-In the afternoon- do the more creative thinking things or writing - group work. 
-Change it up each week 
Examples- Lindsay’s List! 
Workout (before everyone is awake) 
Yummy Coffee 
Get ready early 
Mid Day 
Healthy lunch that gives me fuel 
Connect with a friend
Make progress on Craig’s health 
Make healthy homemade meal- eat together 
Yummy dessert 
Walk dog with fam 
Fun evening activity - hot tub, group game 
Stretch before bed 
Read with Parker before bed 
Chill time with each girl in bed/couch
Alone time with Craig 
Get 7 hours of sleep 
Here is the link to Lindsay’s favorite ever check list pad to do this hack:
CHEERS to adding in your 10’s to your days with this awesome hack! 💕