218. How To Be Awesome At Celebrating Your People’s Micro Moments

We all celebrate birthdays and anniversaries… big accomplishments like a job promotion or winning the soccer tournament.  
But what about those micro wins? Those moments and accomplishments that are smaller and scale but mean just as much if not more. Focusing more on the process and the journey more than the destination and the ultimate goal.
We’re talking about all the different things that happen in our lives that we could be celebrating…  in ways that are so very special but also simple and easy and not expensive. 
With a little advanced planning sometimes and some creativity and thought, we can take smaller special moments and lean into them a bit more. 
Rather than just moving on with the routine… taking a moment to make the feeling last longer and be more memorable.
We’re talking about taking smaller wins and making them extraordinary with simple yet impactful gestures. 
Maybe someone you know has been saving up for an epic trip for a long time… Maybe you have custom luggage tags made on Etsy and email them to them a week before their trip. You could totally do that for $20… And write a really nice card and it’s something they will always remember.
If someone you know is have a surgery or a procedure done… Rather than sending flowers or a premade generic basket… Think about what they would like during their recovery and downtime. Or just think about things they like in general. Again things they like not things you like or you like for them.
If one of your kids is trying out for a team… You could purchase something ahead of time to give to them when they make it… Like a ballet piggy bank if they make a nutcracker for a basketball net for the back of their door when they make the basketball team.  And if they don’t make it, they will likely still be interested in the same thing so you could use it for later on… Or you could still give it to them because they tried hard. Or return it if it’s not personalized.
Happy birthday is of course we love and any days are special to people like the day they got engaged. Much more memorable to send them a little something on the unexpected day.
One really thoughtful and easy gift to give people is their own Christmas card back in a frame years later.  This works for celebrating all sorts of occasions… You could have a personalized frame made and spend 40 or $50 or you could get an expensive but really cute frame at target for five for $10. Here it was a thoughtful card and note and you have a very memorable moment!! 
—Examples of things to celebrate…
-Kids - studying hard for the test - rather than the grade on the test. 
Teaching it’s the effort made, more than the result. 
-Whatever it is someone is struggling with at the moment - even if it seems simple and routine - like 
-Meeting with a skincare company because they want to start a skincare line - it’s encouraging! 
-Making the team or the show 
-Starting a podcast or a blog 
-Going to their first kickboxing class (if it’s a big goal for them) 
-Passing goal numbers at work 
-Crushing a presentation 
-Finishing finals 
-Getting drivers license or permit!
—Examples of ways to celebrate them
-Order an ice cream cake for $30 to be delivered… And write something funny or celebratory on it.
-Hop on Amazon and search for keywords.
-If you have time ahead of time… Look on Etsy for something personalized and cool.
-And balloons or treats always work well.
-There are so many different gifts you can get that are expensive… $20 or less…
-Get a crew together to celebrate!  You go to dinner anyway - why not say this is the reason for the dinner! 
-Have someone make a cool drawing of them doing the thing!  So many cool artists you can find on IG now. 
-In the same way, dinners can be special.  Party horns to celebrate.  Their fav meal. 
-Decorate their doorway! 
-Have friends over for movie night or game night around the micro win. 
-Photos and scrapbooks are always a win!!  Can be more time consuming but keep forever!
-Sneak a note in their car or lunch box or mail it!
-For a special meal… have everyone write down something - increase their support system. 
Something loving or a celebration - give a prompt! 
Be spontaneous with it!
Do it for yourself too!  (And other people will for you too!) 
And if they don’t do more for yourself! 
There is no better fuel or motivation or feeling of love and belonging than unexpected celebrations and knowing how loved you are!!