217. How To Be Awesome At Living With Enthusiasm (without fear of judgement)


How to be awesome at living with enthusiasm without fear of judgment.  Whatever it is that you love or are passionate about… we’re talking about going all in - full enthusiasm with it. 
It seems like society lately is just so sensitive and reactive and judgmental. 
We forget that you don’t have to listen or pay attention to anything that bothers you.  Turn it off, don’t give it any energy, problem solved. 
Judgment is at an all time high around us and it’s changing who we are and what we do or don’t do. 
So many people aren’t living the lives they want or taking about or pursuing their passions because of what people will think.
This podcast is your wake up reminder… to be your authentic energetic self, whatever that is… because people are going to judge you either way and you’ll likely never really know what people are thinking or saying about you anyway… and when you’re 90 looking back on life, there’s no chance you’re going to wish you worried more about other people’s opinions of you. No way, but you will regret not going all in on that things that make you feel alive.  
Here are some of the things Lindsay talks about: 
-When you’re 90, you won’t care what those strangers on social media said about your reel being lame or you had too much enthusiasm at a swim meet.
-There is only ONE TIME when I think we should tone it down.  ONE! 
-Judgment is around us all the time! 
-You know what the best practice is not to worry about it? 
Don’t judge other people yourself! 
-Worry about yourself! 
If you have judging thoughts - think about what that means 
-If you’re in a mindset where dragging someone else down makes you feel better, it’s time to recalibrate. 
We need to get going in the other direction. 
And let’s figure out what it means - what are they accomplishing or doing that might make you feel jealous in some way?
-Because judgment is always about the person judging, a reflection on something they feel about themselves or a shortcoming of their own that they are trying to compensate for. 
-Judgment is at an all time high. 

-Technology is exposing how much this is going on. 
-I think that judgment is at an me high around us and it’s changing who we are and what we do or don’t do. 
-Judgment is often why you haven’t done the thing!
Whatever that is! 
-It’s crazy to limit our lives because of what people may or may not think about you. 
-Changing our mindset requires doing it over and over again. 
-We all LOSE when people silence themselves.  HOW have we gotten to a place where we aren’t sure if we can be friends with people who think differently than us?  I LOVE people who have different opinions because that’s the best way to learn. 
-As human beings, we are super social creatures.  We are meant to be with our groups.  It’s a survival thing. 
-This is the problem with censorship on social media and cancel culture - it primes us to be afraid to share our opinions! 
-WHY can’t we be ok with people have differing opinions? 
-When judgment really stings - when it hits a sensitive spot.  Something we feel insecure about. 
-You can get 100 positive comments and get 1 negative comment and you focus on that one - because it’s hard!  Don’t read the comments or 
Why would you want to feel less confident?  When it’s usually a reflection of them.  You just caught in the crossfire. 
-If someone is likely going to give you negative feedback, don’t ask for their feedback. 

-Why are we allowing people who have been shaped by their own experiences to define us? 
-You are going to be judged.  We all do it - even if we don’t mean to.  So we have to work on how much we care. 
-It limits us!! Limits our income, our experiences, everything! 
-We can’t get better at things for fear of failure - failure is how we learn!  We rarely learn from successes. 
-It is your job to protect your headspace!!  It’s your responsibility to block it out.  The words you say in your head are what you become.  You have to be so careful what you listen to.
-Let’s talk about killing the messenger!! 
What to do when people tell you about other peoples judgment! 
Ask them… 
What was your motivation in sharing that with me? 
How do you think this makes me feel? 
What did you think I could do with this?

*Don’t over talk it!  Let them sit with this!*
-As if they are doing you a favor. Just bringing it to your attention.  But there’s nothing you can do - it’s already out there. 
Don’t bring me other people’s judgment!  It’s almost knocking you down a bit - from their own insecurity. 
-Don’t ask questions or defend yourself!
Tell them… you don’t want to hear it - even if it’s hard! 

CHEERS TO LIVING FULLY!  Without fear of judgment with FULL enthusiasm!