215. How To Be Awesome At Party Dessert Tables

Today we’re talking about creating awesome dessert tables. 
We think a dessert table is the center of the party.  It’s where all the yummy treats are and often the best place to take photos because it’s themed and decorated. 
Also, if you want to do a more simple party but still have it be themed, you could just do an awesome dessert table and focus more on the details and that’s all you need. 
We’re talking about dessert tables for birthday parties, holiday parties, adult parties, kids parties… all of it. 
Lots of ideas of how to set it up ahead of time so it looks just the way you want and makes the party feel extra special.  And makes for the perfect photo backdrop too.
Planning dessert tables is so much fun and really sets the tone for your party and makes it memorable.  Today we’re talking about creating awesome dessert tables- for any occasion and on any budget.

Lindsay talks about… 
-Start with your backdrop!!  This is the best part!
Make sure it’s not wrinkled or see through 
-Figure out your table - can get creative with it - doesn’t have to be a table with linens.
Can be pillars or smaller tables - if it’s a kids birthday party - make sure it’s not too high or have a plan for the bday boy or girl to get behind it to blow out the candles. 
-Use carts- especially for holidays!! 
-Set this up!  Ahead of time - even if your event isn’t at your house
-Add in cake stands or cupcake stands - pull from what you have then buy and order what you need 
-Get creative with this!  You can use crates or paint things, use things you have etc.  It doesn’t have to be for cakes or cupcakes. 
-Tiered items work well for some height. 
-Add candy containers for height (make sure you have clear scoopers)
-Position it so people see it when they walk in - so it’s good for the FEEL of the party and also for the photos. 
-Take photos before people start eating it!!
-Order bulk of inexpensive stuff and add cake toppers 
-Order custom from ETSY ahead of time or do your own with little chalkboard signs or otherwise. 
-Local finds from party stores or Target 
-Make sure it’s not in direct sun for melting 
-Make sure you have candles and a lighter and plates and forks and a knife to cut.
-Make sure you talk to the baker about details!!  And so you have the right size cake stand ready. 
-Adult parties - add in cocktails to it!! 
-DAY OF PARTY- set-up food last.  Candy can go sooner- that will help with timing! 
-What to make sure you talk to your baker about, how to position your table, backdrop ideas and what to set-up ahead of time 
Dessert tables can be such a special and memorable part of your party.  We hope this podcast inspired you to design your own awesome dessert table for your next party!!  CHEERS to celebrating all the things!