Episode 21: How To Be Awesome At Getting Uncomfortable


Today, I’m trying to convince you to start your morning with a FREEZING COLD shower!  That’s right, a freezing shower.

For a few reasons… first let’s start with the health benefits!

A cold shower improves your immunity and gives you better circulation, lowers your stress, promotes faster muscle recovery and it’s good for your skin and nails.

And the best part… it makes you stronger and more resilient!

This physical task develops your mental toughness… bottom line!  Adding in this simple habit every morning, just for a few minutes, completely strengthens my overall mindset.

But then… the inevitable happens… at some point, you WILL want to quit.  Throw in the towel, call it a day, whatever man I’m done with this!  I’m freezing and shivering and miserable!

But it’s soooo important that you don’t.  This is the most important part of the whole thing.  If you quit halfway, you’re telling yourself that if you’re dedicated to something.. and then it gets hard or uncomfortable.. you’ll just quit.  And that’s the opposite of the goal here!!

Whereas if you bear through it… you are telling yourself… this sucks, I knew it would… there’s no going back, I started this and I’m doing it, I’m not a quitter and I’m strong enough to power through it!

When you reach the end of your very long 2 minutes… you’ll feel so alive!  Refreshed and like you can literally do anything!  You’ve already accomplished something HARD early in the morning and you are charging into your day!

I talk a lot on this podcast on how powerful your thoughts are… and how things don’t happen to you as much as you react to them and interpret them to what they are going to mean.  In this case… I used to cringe and cuss under my breath and shake… and then I was like… I’m tougher than this… yes my body FEELS uncomfortable but I get to choose how I react.  So I changed my mind about it and I wasn’t cussing and shaking anymore.  The way you think about things is just so powerful and in this case, it changes how you look at and how you react to it during.  You toughen up and work through the pain.

I love this hack and I hope you try it out … and let me know what you thought!  Thanks for listening and cheers… to not being a person that quits when things get tough!

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