209. How To Be Awesome At Loving Your People Hard

Do your people really KNOW how you feel about them?  Like do they know how much you love them and why you love them - all of it?

One of the biggest lessons learned in the last month is how important it is to LOVE YOUR PEOPLE HARD.

It’s just so easy to get caught up in routine and the daily to do’s and before you know it, the day is done and it’s time to sleep then do it all over again.

Sometimes that means slowing down and other times it means setting rules so you don’t miss the good stuff.

Lots and lots of ideas of how you can show your people love on the daily.  

Lindsay talks about the changes she’s made in her life since her husbands health scare.  One of the biggest- showing her people how much she loves them on the daily.

We only have so much energy in a day.  And since we know… where attention goes, energy flows, we have to be super careful about what we spend our physical and mental energy on. Because time spent worrying about things that don’t really matter, take away from time spent on the important stuff.

It’s so easy to be frustrated and distracted - both things that take us further from the goal.

-Here is how Lindsay adds habit triggers:

Like the podcast tips on habits in general - put things out or stack them!

Like put things in the tray in the kitchen or in the bedroom - to remember to do it.

OR do it RIGHT AFTER something else.  So it happens. This is a great way to actually change - and not stay the same.  It’s hard to change your ways especially if you have done the same things for a long time.  These are the BEST strategies for adding in more LOVE routines to your life.

-Here are the ways Lindsay does it:

10 minutes per kid each night before bed doing whatever it is that is best for them.

More physical!  Hugs, taps, squeezes.

And THOUGHTFUL things.

Eye contact - being present. Knowing they are important.

We need more human touch because we are all online so much!

Saying no or cancelling plans when you need it.

Show appreciation

Be spontaneous

Celebrate what makes them unique


Thoughtful gifts

Celebrate them! Birthdays or wins

Do activities they like

Take good care of them when they are sick

Movie night

Hold hands

Do a chore for them - like getting gas or picking up prescription, dry cleaning. Something you wouldn’t do normally.

-Ways people sent in!

Bring coffee
Phone call, text, say I love you.
1 on 1 time with each person
Date nights
Check in on them
Ordering something that will make life easier - new to go cup, key tile
Reflecting on the day at bedtime ex: I saw you were determined etc
Making coffee / tea each day
Buying favorite snacks/wine
Stop and hug my people, even when im busy
Call/text when they’re going through a rough time. Offer my time to help.
Random text when thinking of a friend
Lunch ones for kids and husband
Surprise fav drink or snack
Good night and good morning routines to start and end the day with love and gratitude
Pack healthy snack for office
Make them laugh, hide notes or a card
Listening to people
Being present when we are all together
Send texts to my teens wishing a good day and reminding I love you
Wellness check texts!
Watch their fav shoes instead of yours
Conversation cards on long trips - ask questions
Scratch hubby’s back while he brushes teeth
Be present - turn off phone
Cooking healthy food for them
Cook and bake for them
Serve hubby dessert with night meds in his chair
I try to do 1 on 1 things that fills their love language even if it is not the way I normally show love.
Randomly send friends a Starbucks gift card
Folding their laundry
Make sure they know how I feel on the regular
Always kiss my kids good night at every age
Organize husbands supplements
My hubby tucks in my sheets at night so I’m extra comfortable

CHEERS to loving your people HARD!