207. How To Be Awesome At Maximizing Your Party with a Pre or After-Party!

It’s so much fun to throw a party… especially kids parties, but one downside is that it’s SO MUCH WORK to set-up, followed by the party- lots of fun but for a relatively short period of time, followed by the clean-up.  It’s really easy after it’s over to feel bummed that it’s over or wonder if all of your hard work was worth it!

I have 3 hacks for this.
1. Plan so that you ENJOY the party- not work the party- I did a podcast recently on this.
2. Make sure you get all the photos and videos that you want - so the fun memories live on forever.
And 3. Maximize your party fun with a little pre-party and/or after-party.

It’s so easy and literally doubles your fun from just the party- to a whole other experience.

And the best part is - you do very little for it.  The whole point is to enjoy the pre or post party set-up and enjoy in the party space.

Today we’re talking all about adding a little party before or after your party so that you have double the fun, without much extra work.

-Party planning has to be fun - you MUST enjoy the process!!


-plan for food.
-have people help you set-up for party - offer food and drinks - they will come.
-ask how much to rent bounce house or ball bit for extra time- it’s usually not much more.
-enjoy the party space and get helping hands in the set-up of it

-great way to be sure all treats get eaten
-pancake breakfast next morning
-plan for food OR have vendors from main party make extra and pack it up to serve later.
-use decor to keep the party going.
-have a helper to pickup if your after party is right after.
-have people stay later - or come back at night for party 2 (Lindsays fav).
-if you have a kid party during the day, invite adults over at night- same party space, double the fun!

You literally DOUBLE your FUN with very little cost and effort.  This one is a MUST listen and a MUST do.