Episode 20: How To Be Awesome At Not Being Overwhelmed


So what is overwhelm?

As you go through life, your brain fills up with information… it’s just like a full brain.  You check your email, you check your texts, you talk to your kids, you have work meetings, theres a pipe leak in the house, someone is irritated with you… and before you know it … your brain is FULL and you’re overwhelmed!

SO what do you do when you’ve hit OVERWHELM?

That in the moment sense that you can’t handle it all.

There are 2 types of overwhelm that happen in my life and I think most peoples lives…

  1. That moment when there is just SO Much going on… you’re in a hurry… this is when I give myself a pep talk
  2. Then, when it’s not like I’m in a hurry to get somewhere… I do a brain dump!!

So you have to do a BRAIN DUMP so you have an empty brain so you can focus again.

So this is what I do!

I dump everything on a piece of paper- not in notes, not on computer- on paper!

Write it ALLLL down… whats bothering you is now on paper.  THEN, I go through all do all the things that can be done in under 5 minutes… send a text, write an email to solve.

THEN I highlight the 3 most important things.  The rest is going to have to wait- or some might have to be eliminated!

And I focus on getting these 3 things done.  I have a clear head so I can focus on these things and I’m not trying to do EVERYTHING so I actually accomplish NOTHING!

Then we get into how to avoid overwhelm!

I really think you have to plan ahead and start your day organized!!

Begin your day knowing how your day is going to go and have your day already set the night before.

Even doing all of this… sometimes it just happens… so what do you do when it does?

Rather than getting frazzled… I tell myself… YOU CAN HANDLE THIS!  THIS IS NOT GOING TO BREAK YOU!

I am always working to master my own mind.   YOU get to choose the energy that you FEEL and BRING into moments.  You choose to generate your emotional energy.

The more that you are the person that stands SOLID when these moments happen the stronger you become.  You start to respect yourself more and you have more confidence when tell yourself I GOT THIS and you believe yourself!!

Thanks for listening!  And cheers… to  knowing that whatever the day throws your way…You’re awesome and YOU GOT THIS!

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