Episode 160. How To Be Awesome At Maximizing Your Day

Two hacks to maximize your day right here!!  First, move like you have somewhere to be… even if you don’t.  Second, eat the frog- do the hardest, or most annoying, or thing you actually want to procrastinate on- first.

Simple but GOLD when it comes to getting the most out of your days.

In this episode, Lindsay breaks down these two awesome day maximizing hacks!

-Fill your day with things you like to do - get in your 10s!

-Do what gives you energy.  Stop doing what makes you tired.

-Maybe you aren’t tired- maybe you just aren’t excited about what you’re doing.

-For things you must do - like pay bills etc, automate and delegate.

-Start the day by getting up and moving your body- no email or social- happy body and happy mind

-Carve out time for YOU- whatever that is

-EAT THE FROG!  Decide what it is the night before. Layout steps if it has it.  Biggest or most important task or the one that will move the needle on something.. or save you money or a headache later… it’s usually the thing we put last and don’t get to.  
Do that first.

-HOW YOU MOVE!  You know how you shower if you have somewhere to be?  Not like you’re panicked and late- just like you move because you have somewhere to be at a certain time.  Train yourself to move this way even when you’re not on a time schedule.

CHEERS to maximizing your day!!!