Episode 153. How To Be Awesome At Dining Out With Kids



Let’s talk about taking your kids out to dinner!  

In this episode Lindsay is giving you lots of ideas of how to make it not only bearable to take your kids out to eat with you, but actually super enjoyable.

We’re talking about what to do ahead of time and what to bring, what to plan for and how to not lose it if shit hits the fan!

It’s so important to take your kids out to dinner… so they get used to it and they are good at doing it.  And it’s great family time that you should not miss because you think it might be too hard to take your kids out with you.

We’re talking about a dining out experience where you enjoy it and your kids do too.

Here are some of the ideas Lindsay talks about:

-Choose the right place - especially to start

-Talk to them about it ahead of time

-Don’t take tired kids out - plan ahead if you can

-Bring things to keep them busy!

-Bring snacks!

-Then bring tech to keep them busy!

-Order pretty quickly - just in case - let’s not push it

-Respect other people dining

-Talk to them, engage, be creative- no need to live on the defensive

-Stay calm if shit hits the fan


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