Episode 140: How To Be Awesome At Putting Things In Perspective

How To Be Awesome At Putting Things In Perspective

In this episode, Lindsay is sharing a personal story that took her actual life perspective and shook it up a bit.
Your perspective on life determines how you relate to people, how you handle relationships and conflicts, and how you live day-to-day.
It’s the most important.  
But then why are we often walking around with a perspective that doesn’t make sense. 
Picture something that you’re upset about or you’re losing sleep over. 
Now picture - the worst- you get a call that someone you love was hit by a bus.  That shit means nothing now. 
Lindsay says, "if someone asks me how I’m doing these days, even if shit is going bonkers all around me, I say I’m doing awesome, because I didn’t get a call today that one of people closest to me is sick or hurt."
She explains that she’s not saying if it’s not cancer it’s not allowed to stress you out, she's just trying to share the perspective shake up that she experienced. 
Lindsay tells the story of her visit to City Of Hope and how it changed her perspective on what is worth worrying about. 
Lindsay talks often about The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F all the time- but this is a bit different.  
This is about having a clear perspective of what’s worth getting upset/sad/worked up/depressed over, and letting go of the rest of it. 
Sometimes things matter, until something that really matters happen. 
Care about nothing except for the health of the people you love the most. 
You know who says all of this best? Gary V.  
Say you’re being sued and that’s super stressing or you run a business and you worry that your employees hate you, or you’re holding on to something that a former friend or spouse did to you, or are worried about losing an account at work, or mad that someone stepped on your toes in some way, or someone gossiped about you and it came back to you… 
That’s way better than someone you love being hit by a bus tomorrow.
But we don’t act like that. 
It’s hard to get upset about anything else besides that.
That’s what’s worth being upset about and everything else is awesome. 
Lindsay says, "I’m not saying you can’t be upset about these things, I'm just asking you to think… is it worth it???"
Your perspective determines so much in your life.  Lindsay thinks it’s worth looking at together. 

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