Episode 128: How To Be Awesome At Making Healthy Eating Easy

This podcast is all about eating for health and for a long life.
Healthy eating and diet can be complicated and overwhelming and sometimes it’s just hard to know what's the best choice.  There are so many different diet plans and philosophies… let’s make it simple!  
Lindsay is sharing one strategy that works really well for her that she wish she would have known about years ago.
Figuring out what foods make you feel good, and focusing on eating lots of great stuff, rather than restricting.  
Once you figure out the healthy foods that you like best, let’s figure how to prep them and have them easy to grab so when you’re hungry, you fill up on the healthiest stuff.
Then, there’s plenty of room for other foods that are more indulgent and those special super delicious meals.
Lindsay is breaking down a really awesome and simple way to approach healthy eating.  
Here are some of the points that Lindsay covers in this podcast: 
  • It really all comes down to veggies
  • Lean proteins and fruits
  • Put veggies in your food
  • Make nice big salads
  • Eat at home more so you can control what’s in it
  • Steam, roast and saute veggies
  • Slow cooker
  • Green drinks - juice your own
  • Spiralized veggies so they act like noodles
  • Have them chopped and ready to eat!!
  • Have lots of fruits too like berries and apples
  • Find healthy pick-up places close to you and look at the menu ahead of time so you have your go-to places.
  • Fill up on greens!
  • Eat the other stuff- but not as much of it
LINKS to things Lindsay mentions!
Green powder to get in your greens on days when you need it! 
DELISH healthy cookie dough
If you’re in Orange County… 
Awesome fresh pressed juice delivery, by a super dude who beat cancer.
VIBE Organic Kitchen is Lindsays favorite ever go-to for pick-up food
HAPPY healthy and delish eating!!! 

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