Episode 116: BEST OF 2020: How To Be Awesome At Looking Good Each Day

BEST OF 2020: How To Be Awesome At Looking Good Each Day

People message me on Instagram pretty often and say… You have three kids and you work how do you look presentable each day??… And first thank you that’s so nice and second I think it’s one of those things that is just a priority for me. It’s on my must do list…

I must get ready each day and feel showered and clean and put together. 

Now sometimes that still means wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt… I’m not talking about getting ready so we’re wearing heels every day… I’m talking about getting ready, so you feel good and you’re ready for anything that happens that day.

I get ready once in the morning… every single day and then I’m good for the day.  If I’m going to a special event or a nice dinner at night, then I will do a touchup… but my touch up never takes me more than 15 minutes or so.

I think that for so many women… myself included… once you start having babies… there’s less time… you’re more tired… and you don’t always feel like putting on makeup and pulling yourself together like you used to. But I think it’s so important… and 99% of the importance is for yourself. Yes, it’s good to look good for your significant other or your job or whatever it is but this episode is about you it’s about looking good, so you feel confident and you’re ready for anything that day.

Also important because of your POSTURE!

Your posture affects how you see yourself, as well as how others see you. If you’re slumped down and slouching during a job interview, for example, the interviewer will likely see you as less confident, and perhaps will have a neural impulse to judge you as less capable. If you have good posture, with your shoulders back and your body aligned, you can look better in your clothes and will likely receive compliments from loved ones, which will boost your confidence and mood. You could also just love how you look in the mirror, which will make you feel lighter and more positive.

Good posture also pertains to walking. If you walk slumped down and, in a shuffle, you look bedraggled and overwrought, which can make you actually feel bedraggled and overwrought. When you walk uplifted and with confidence, your brain registers “uplifted and with confidence,” and pumps out happy hormones to match the message.

**Do the long stuff at night 

Wash hair... face masks… shave your legs… 

**Do a get ready that makes you feel good, everyday

And figure out what that routine is!

Don’t spend your morning minutes on experimentation, especially when you’ve got to get out the door by a certain time. Experiment at night when it’s calm and peaceful — and then figure out how to replicate it in the morning.

**Lay your clothes out the night before

**If you have kids, PLAN in the time - so its before they wake up… and if they wake up early… maybe you streamline it and they watch a cartoon for 12 mins instead of skipping it altogether. 

**Do the OTHER STUFF the night before

Make lunches

Respond to emails 

Get gas in your car 

**Figure out how you like to look without making it take forever - so it’s not practical

YOUTUBE is amazing!! 

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