213. How To Be Awesome At Living Summer FULLY!

The goal of today’s podcast is to inspire you to live your summer fully.  Try new things, get outside and adventure, do the things you love and find new things you love.  So that on that last day of Summer- whenever that is for you in August or September, you feel like you really lived it fully and made the most of this cool season of the year and of our lives. 
Because we know, next summer won’t look the same.  It may look similar for some of us or completely different for others… but the whole point is to be intentional about your time for the next few months and really make the most of it.
We’re talking about how to plan and also to be spontaneous so the days seem longer and more full.  Cancelling some things so you have more time to explore and just feel life freedom.  Freedom from to do lists and work and routines. Whatever phase of life you are in, it’s possible.  Today we’re planning out how to do it so our summers are FULL of all the things we want more of. 
-Summer mantra - live it fully!  Or SUMMER HARD as Jesse Itzler says!
-Reminder to take advantage of it
-Get outside - make the days longer
-Get up early - stay up late 
-Take opportunities 
-Try things you don’t normally try
-The more experiences you have the more full you are. 
-Our goal is to live the days fully and different than other times of the year. 
-So at the end of the summer you feel like you really lived it!  You didn’t just do the same things you’ve been doing your whole life. 
-You might need to put things on hold until Sept.  It will be fine.  You might need to lighten up your load to be able to life summer fully. 
When you eliminate things - shut it off - and you dont have to worry about meetings and calls and to do lists - when you shut it all down - you live a different life.  
This freedom is everything right - this is what we work hard for. 
Maybe you do what you need to do until a certain time and then it’s OFF.  Just for summer.  You might not get as much done, but life is long and this is a short period of time. 
Here’s how to do it and take the pressure off:
-Journal and brain dump
-And have your loved ones do the same 
-Google for ideas

Lindsay gives SO MANY ideas of ways to fill your summer with FUN!
CHEERS to your most awesome summer!