Episode 110: How To Be Awesome At Healthy Food Prep

How To Be Awesome At Healthy Food Prep

Lindsay is a big fan of meal prep because when it comes to healthy eating, the one strategy that always works is planning ahead. Lindsay talks about how she does meal prep a little different than the traditional way. Rather than preparing meals for the week, she preps ingredients twice a week. This saves a ton of time in the kitchen and gives a ton of variety with my meals for the week.
Lindsay is sharing the tips she's learned for preparing healthy ingredients so I eat how I want to to fuel my body but it also doesn’t get boring and hard to stick to the healthy eating plan.
After we prep, all it takes is a little creativity to combine the ingredients together with items you have in your fridge and in your pantry. Lindsay spends 1 to 2 hours prepping food twice a week and then she can whip up a delish healthy meal in about 10 minutes at any time. So you’re eating healthy and saving time.  And we're fully here for both of those things!
Today we are talking meal prep.
Here are a few topics Lindsay covers: 
🥘 This whole process that we are going to talk about today makes healthy eating convenient and saves you time. 
🥘 Roasted veggies 
Mix a bunch that are similar so their cook time is the same. 
I’ll do brocolli - 25 mins in 425 oven
Carrots and butternut squash take 45 mins at 425 so I do them together. 
🥘 Remember to cook with Avocado Oil and anytime you are using it without heat- use Olive Oil. 
🥘 Slow cooker ideas! 
🥘 Steam veggies 
🥘 You can bake sweet potatoes then cut them into “toast” 
🥘 You can buy or make your own homemade hummus and almond butter 
- just roast almonds then let them cool them put them in my Vitamix.
Roast 4 cups of almonds for 10 mins, let them cool then blend on high for one minute. 
🥘 Chop veggies for dipping in hummus and soak in water - VEGGIE sticks!  Chop all at once - its so much easier than washing.
🥘 Use paper towels at the bottom of your glass containers if it’s an item that you feel like it needs it. But make sure you don't use anything with colors or dies since it's touching food.
🥘 You want to use glass containers - and let your things cool before putting them in the fridge. 
🥘 You can cut bananas then put almond butter on… then add almonds and chia seeds and some cranberries 
🥘 You can add your chicken to your noodles and add marinara sauce to it 
🥘 You can do a simple veggies with chicken plate 
🥘 Toss lots of the ingredients in a salad 
🥘 You can always add nuts and hemp seeds and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic.
🥘 You can use your sweet potato toast with smashed avocado and microgreens and whatever you want on top! 
🥘 SO when you are hungry you see all this healthy stuff staring at you and you chose that over hot Cheetos and Oreos. 
🥘 It just makes it so much easier to heat healthy. 
🥘 I buy organic ingredients -I get that this isnt always an option 
If you are eating the skin, try to get organic. 
That’s the rule of thumb.
CHEERS to healthy food prep for easy and yummy healthy meals quick style!

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