295. The 20 Most Awesome Ways To Become The Super Human Version Of You


Today we are going through 20 things that I think we can all do- to become the super human version of ourselves.

Some are biohacking strategies, others are mindset and some are the way we move and what we eat. 

They are all so good and backed by science done by actual experts on the topic. 

I just did a re-read of 3 of my favorite books on longevity and health - Outlive, Lifespan, and Superhuman - and I’m bringing you what I think are the best habits we can all do, to feel great now and function the best as we age. 

There is so much information to sort through when it comes to this topic, my goal in this episode is to clear the waters and give you a cheat sheet for the best ways to get closer to the super human version of you and feel awesome! 

These things will not only help you to feel AWESOME!

They are the natural medicine for…stress, exhaustion, constipation, low muscle mass, inflammation, headaches, trouble sleeping, brain fog, negative thoughts and feelings of wanting more out of life. Treat the cause, not the symptom!

Click HERE to download and print your Super Human Cheat Sheet!

Here are the Super Human Habits!

1.  Get Sunlight
2.  Lift Heavy Weights
3.  Take Daily Vitamin, Creatine, Magnesium & Collagen
4.  Get 7-8 Hours Of Good Sleep
5.  Consume A High Protein Diet (eat more protein and bigger meals, eat less often and have less cravings)
6.  Prioritize Hydration With Electrolytes
7.  Stretch Daily (for recovery, longevity and flexibility)
8.  Take A Cold Shower/ Cold Plunge
9.  Take A Hot Bath/ Sauna
10.  Protect Your Happy Headspace
11.  Eliminate Everything Negative & Lean Into Positive
12.  Do Some Grounding/ Feel The Earth
13.  No Screens Before Bed, No Screens At Wake Up & No Screens In Bed
14.  No Food 2-3 Hours Before Sleep
15.  Careful Of Your Liquid Calories (coffee drinks, juices, soda & booze)
16.  Reduce Or Eliminate Refined Sugar And Carbs (fruit is the best alternative)
17.  10k Steps Per Day (movement throughout the day is key)
18.  Get Uncomfortable Often & Do Hard Things (train to be tough & anti-fragile)
19.  Create & Live By Your Own Definition Of Success
20.  Have Fun & Laugh & Celebrate! (Invest time in building your tribe)