281. How To Be Awesome At Weekend Adventures

I think most people would love to have more adventures and new experiences in life but the tricky part is… we get so busy with our routine and all the things that must get done in life, that often, we rarely go new places or try new things. 
Which is why I absolutely love this idea by Jesse Iztler.  It’s part of his concept about building your life resume more than your professional resume.  He calls it the Kevins Rule, named after his friend Kevin who showed him how fulfilling it can be when you plan out new experiences. 
Here’s how it works.  You put 6 new adventures on your calendar each year.  One every other month and it could be a day on the weekend or the entire weekend.  The point of this is that by intentionally adding this things to the calendar, you prioritize time with people you love plus more fun and learning.
Being intentional with our calendar planning and putting these 6 mini adventures on the books allows us for 24 experiences (that we wouldn’t have otherwise) in the next 4 years. 
It also sets us up to be proactive with how we spend our leisure time (advance planning) rather than reactive (planning around invitations that come your way.) 
We’re planning out your 6 mini adventures for the year today. 
Planning for 6 mini adventures per year allows for new experiences and challenges. By adding these days or weekends to your calendar, you prioritize time with people you love, fun and adventures. 
Lots of ideas…
Get a group together for a cooking class followed by dinner with wine pairing, visit a local farm and book an apple picking experience, find a local path and plan a hike, go camping for the weekend at a local spot, take a photography workshop class with friends, set-up a volunteering event to help people in need in your area, plan a day or weekend filled with local museums and art galleries, learn to kayak at a local river, road trip to a nearby city and plan shops and cafes to visit, plan a day long bike ride with a fun stop for lunch, plan a ride in a hot air balloon, get a group to go indoor rock climbing, book a rental cabin for the weekend, take the train on an adventure! 
Cheers to alllll of your new adventures!!