274. How To Be Awesome At Dealing With Fails

Let’s talk about failing.  I’ve come to embrace failure in a way that I wish I did in years past.  Because here’s the thing.. if you’re failing here and there as you go, it means you’re out there doing stuff and trying new things and learning along the way.  


If you tend to beat yourself when something does work… or you are super self conscious about it and worry what other people will think or say… or you stop trying the thing you were working towards- lean in here because I used to do all that and it’s so much better on the other side.


I think the very first thing we do is own it and make it known.  It’s the only way to not keep thinking about it or worrying if people will realize.  Listen, people are more concerned about what they’re doing anyway- take full ownership of it, say it out loud and move on!  It’s not who are you - it doesn’t mean you should stop- because now you have that lesson that you didn’t before.


We are talking about so many healthy strategies when it comes to failing today like - learning fast from it and flip the script- it’s not a setback - it’s a set-up for a comeback! Know that your attitude about it is actually everything and how to position gratitude into this whole thing.  We’re talking all things failing and getting back up today.

Own It & Face The Reality 

Don't blame others or the universe. Own your failures like they're your favorite success story waiting to happen. Failures happen. Own it, acknowledge it and figure out the lesson.

No Excuses
Winners don’t need excuses. That’s it- we own it, even if it could be partially on someone else too.