273. How To Be Awesome At Making Fast Decisions

First - why make fast decisions?

Because a decision that you need to make that is pending takes up your time and attention.  That problem you need to solve or that conversation you need to have or that project you keep procrastinating on or that email you need to send.

When things are pending, there can be this feeling of anxiety or pressure or overwhelm… because it’s lingering.

So if we can develop what I think is a total superpower- the ability to make fast decisions - we will move closer to our goals faster AND get all the things done that need to and want to … so we can chill out and relax and have fun with our favorite people or have some awesome self care time.

This is one of those lessons I’ve learned from not being awesome at making fast decisions but now that I’m on the other side of it- it’s amazing.

We’re talking about how to become a fast decision maker and all the ways it will free up your time and improve your life. 

First thing each day...
Eat the frog
Hug the monster!

-Do the hard thing first!

-What truly matters is the time and attention we spend things.

-All of that anxiety could be removed if you just did the thing, made the decision.

-You can move faster than most people if you make decisions faster.

-It’s not paying the attention cost!!  You decide and move on.  You just move through life faster.

-The crazy thing is once you get the momentum of this, it’s like the most empowering.  It’s like well that’s done, what’s next!?

-To be decisive is also just confidence… it’s like I'm going to tackle this!

-You can’t multi-task and make fast decisions.  Because we need too focus and not make careless decisions.

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