272. How To Be Awesome At The 2.0 Version Of You

2.0 you
What does that look like? 
Who are you if you if nothing is holding you back.
If you aren’t defining success by with other people or society think but by what actually matters to you 
Who are you if you wake up on a Monday LOVING what you get to go do
This whole thing is about living life FULLY and to your full potential.  It’s about next level goals and making a good action plan to achieve them. 
It’s about eliminating all things negative and leaning into the version of you that when you’re 90 and looking back, you’re like… man did I really LIVE.  I left it all on the field.  To me, the ultimate driver is thinking about being 90 and not having all the opportunities we do now and thinking, I just went through the motions. I didn’t do all that I wanted to.  
These are the golden years.  We have so much access to information and education and doing what you actually want to do, has never been easier.  It’s hard - its consistent hard work everyday- but it’s also easy - we just need a good plan to get there.
That’s what I had in mind when I designed this course and group… and I’m so jazzed to dive into what the 2.0 YOU looks like. 
In this episode I’m going through what the 2.0 version of you looks like and the method I created to help you get there. 
Not settling for mediocre, or believing we have limitations that we don’t actually have. 
Not getting involved in anything negative or worrying about what other people think of you.
The mindset course and group that I created to help people live in the best headspace, love what you do everyday, create your own definition of success, make good with the past and move on, develop deep self confidence and set massive goals and make progress towards them everyday. 
We are focusing on how to get what you want...
Overall Health & Wellness
Physical Strength & Longevity
Freedom To Design Your Days How You Want To
Deep Connection With Your People 
Financial Freedom 
FUN And Celebrations 
This program includes a 6 week course and journey that we go on together, tackling all the best concepts in personal development.  And starting now, the community of growth mindset people and 2.0 daily habits system that I developed to support our priorities and experience more growth than ever before. 
We are digging deep to figure out what success, fulfillment and joy means to you.  We are being very intentional about how we spend our time and money and we are avoiding distracting and ditching old habits that don’t serve us.  We are suffocating everything negative and getting in our 10s everyday.  The words we say and the thoughts we think create the world that we live in- so we are prioritizing that.
To go along with this is a 2.0 gift box with all of your materials to support this big program.
It’s called 2.0 because we are designing the next chapter of your life.  The 2.0 you.
Email me any questions at Lindsay@HowToBeAwesomeAtEverything.com.
To Sign-Up for the 2.0 version of you… here’s the link!
CHEERS to the 2.0 next level version of YOU!!