269. How To Be Awesome At Avoiding Unnecessary Conflict

How to be awesome at avoiding unnecessary conflict.

Have you ever had a disagreement or gotten into an argument with someone and it was stressing and you thought about it for a while after but then, in hindsight, you realize the whole thing was really unnecessary and could have been avoided.

This is the ultimate pick your battles conversation.  But it’s more than that.

Even if someone insults you or pushes your buttons, if there’s no real benefit that can come from hashing it out we’re just not going to engage

And the way we are going to do it is by reminding ourselves, that we hold ourselves to a higher standard than that person.

Often times we feel like we have to prove our point or defend ourselves but if it’s not someone that we love and their opinion really matters to us, it’s a waste of bandwidth.

We’re not talking about being a people pleaser and just agreeing with everything you’re told… we are talking about being a strategic about your headspace, and resisting the urge to engage when there is no real benefit in doing so.

We are going to define unnecessary conflict as an interaction that you engage in that doesn’t really matter or align with your core priorities.

It just doesn’t matter.  It feels like a big deal because of how it was presented- but is it really?  Do you really care?

You are going to hold yourself to a higher standard than them.

Even if it’s justified to respond in the way that they talked to you, that’s not who YOU are.  We aren’t going to let them - walking around with low standards for themselves - affect how we act.

The most important opinion is how we feel about ourselves when we are by ourselves.  So when you go to sleep at night, you have those reflection thoughts of the day.  What happened and how did you handle it?


-If someone puts a judgement on you that is clearly a reflection of their own issues or jealously

-If someone gives you advice that you dont ask for and dont want

-Road rage

-People at work poking into your stuff

-People you don’t know on social media leaving a comment or judgment

-Tricky family members

-Political statements that push your buttons

-Parenting criticism

-It’s the ability to just say ok- and move on.  Or smile and walk away.  Or say anything but argue or get it going.

-Maintain your strong self but

-We just see this differently and I’m ok with that.
(And not in a rude way)

CHEERS to resisting the urge to get into disagreements that don’t matter and protecting our headspace!

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Have an awesome day!