263. How To Be Awesome At Making Decisions Based On The 90 Year Old You

We don’t get to split test life right - so we can’t see what it looks like if we take the job or start the business… or if we marry this person vs. this person…

But the idea of picturing yourself at 90 years old is to me - the absolute best way to make decisions.

Because it’s you as you are at 90, versus what you could have been. It’s the ultimate motivator to really figure out what fulfillment and success and happiness means to you- not what is considered the society norm or what your family or friend group think…
And the best part of this, at age 90, you won’t care at all what anyone thinks. They’re all 90 too and the question will be, did you do the best you could with what you had?
Did you run life on autopilot for most of the time or did you really live life fully and take risks and enjoy the moments.  

And risk is so much easier when you look at it this way.  You have the pain of taking the risk and doing the hard thing, or you have the pain of not knowing what could have been.  I’ll take the first all day.

Decisions can be hard- both the big life decisions and the daily habits that we have… but I think if you position your decision making like you’re 90 and looking back at the choices you made, I think you’ll make the best decisions possible.  Because the things that we get caught up now, just won’t matter if we pan out to the big picture.

This is a game of you vs. the potential you.