262. How To Be Awesome At Creative Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again!!  Before you know it, Halloween will be here and so will costumes. My goal with this podcast episode is to give you lots of creative costume ideas - for you, for kids, for a family or a group… all of it!  And get you going so it’s all organized ahead of time and you don’t find yourself on October 30th in a one hour line at a costume store.  If you’ve never been in this situation- trust me, it’s pain like nothing else.  So let’s dive into some options for fun Halloween costumes, and take the craziness out of it!

So we can start the holiday season nice and organized and enjoying the moments.  The last minute or unexpected things will always come up.. but since costumes are something we can plan ahead for… let’s do it!

The best thing is to make a brain dump list of the things you love and especially right now!

I try to avoid the things that everyone will be - the hot movie this year, etc.

4 ways to do it!!
-Piece together your own using non-costume items- like cowboy, granny, etc.
-Buy a costume - astronaut, supehero, monster, princess etc.
-Or buy parts of a costume and half DIY your costume - alien
-Or fully make your own - vending machine

Fun Costume ideas!
Mad scientist

Group and family costume ideas!
Circus with a ringmaster
The Incredibles
Toy Story characters

Couple costumes
Barbie and ken
Angel and devil
Minnie & Mickey
Beauty & the Beast
Construction Workers
Mario & Luigi

Elsa or Anna from Frozen
Snow White or Evil Queen
Ariel or Ursula from The Little Mermaid

A ton more!  And lots are so easy!
Pro soccer player - Messi
All sports- tennis, golf
**I love a mash-up with sorts… like 80s tennis or zombie bride
Black Cat
Bumble Bee
Doctor or Nurse
Star Wars character
Ballet dancer
Baker / Chef
Police Officer
Fire fighter
Gumball machine

All the superheroes
Wonder woman

For kids, I sometimes do one for school and then a family one for trick or treating.  It also allows for kids to have a backup if they change their mind.

Perk to not buying an actual costume- you can return what doesn’t work without a strict timeline.

Halloween can be so much fun!! Let’s plan for it ahead of time so we can really enjoy the moments without the stress.

Happy start of the holiday season!!