257. How To Be Awesome At Zero Refined Sugar Snacks & Treats

The amount of information we’ve learned about nutrition and health in the last 10 years is incredible and empowering because we can make better decisions based on facts and how our body feels when we eat certain things. 
One thing that just about every expert agrees on… is that salt isn’t the enemy, fat isn’t the enemy… refined sugar is. 
We know that consuming too much sugar can lead weight gain and increased risk of heart disease and spikes and crashes in blood sugar - which makes you feel tired and irritable - the list goes on but the point is… we will feel and function so much better in the sort term and long term if we reduce or eliminate our intake of refined sugar. 
In this episode, I’m sharing the best healthy swaps for your favorite treats… so you feel satisfied and fulfilled and are also eating delicious food that gives you fuel and energy throughout the day.  
For our packaged snacks- they have zero refined sugar and if it’s a packaged food, it’s minimally processed, and every single ingredient is clean.
It takes some time to try different things, and figure out what you like… And it also takes planning ahead… Thinking about situations, you will be in and having an alternative ready to go. 
But I’m telling you… once you eliminate highly processed foods from your diet, and reduce or eliminate refined sugars… you’ll feel so good… After a bit of time you will prefer your healthy alternatives. 
Learning every ingredient, a nutrition label can be tricky, but in this episode, we are breaking it down so you have lots and lots of ideas of delicious snacks and desserts that leave you feeling satisfied and full without the sugar crash or brain fog that can often come with the original version.  We’re talking all the yummy snacks and treats - sans sugar today.
-We know that sugar is basically in everything and it makes us feel awful.  It’s hard to avoid but we can do it!! 
When you are cooking!
-Here are healthy alternatives to refined sugar!! 
Maple Syrup
Coconut Sugar 
Date Paste or dates 
Monk Fruit Sweetener 
**add protein powder and collagen powder for the health benefits! 
-Snacking foods 
Popcorn - healthy option or bowl of blueberries 
Grain free items 
Coconut rolls 
Baked apples 
Bowl of berries 
Frozen grapes
Baked apples
Healthy chocolate 
Protein balls 
Make your own ice cream by blending things like bananas etc 
Chia seed pudding 
-Prepare for situations!! Like flights or movies!!  Anytime you will want something in a situation.  Let’s not eat things we don't want because we dont have another option! 
-When ordering dessert - also think about portions!  
If you want the birthday cake - just have a little 
-I always talk about protein!  Get in your protein first!! 
-ALSO!  Activated charcoal if you eat too much and need to clean out!  Or gluten etc!
Here is link to my fav: 
CHEERS!!  To enjoying ALL the awesome healthy foods that give you energy and make you feel your best!!