256. How To Be Awesome At Making Money From A Podcast


You want to hear something crazy… I’ve helped dozens of people start a podcast in the last year and most of them are making real money within the first few months. 
And the best part is - they all look so different.  Some of them have do not have a big following or an established business or so many of the other things you might think they would.  
The real secret here is that there are so many ways to make money from having a podcast, you just need to LEAN into which way works best for you.  
I love this topic so much because nobody is talking about it!  
Sure, people talk about about having podcasts sponsors for each episode, the traditional stuff.. but I haven’t found anybody is who is having a FULL picture conversation about all the ways that a podcast can make you money. 
Podcasting is the way to communicate and educate and entertain these days.. and it’s the very best way to create an audience for yourself and a community. 
In this episode I am going to walk you through all the ways you can profit from your podcast if you have one already…. and if you don’t… there’s no better time than now. You’re not late to the game I promise.  And once you hear how much money you can make, you’ll agree with me.  
-A podcast can make you money in ways that you don’t even know now or have a plan for. 
-A podcast can help you build a brand or help you create a lifestyle brand.
-I decided to create an online course to teach people how to start podcasts because, in my opinion, it is the single best decision you can make that is low cost and a low time commitment that creates an audience for yourself. 
-And we know that those who have attention, have horsepower. 
-And the bonus is, it’s crazy fulfilling.  If you haven’t listened to the first podcast on this, go back and listen to # 239.  
-Lindsay’s podcast group starts soon (if you’re listening real time)
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