252. How To Be Awesome At Living The Life That Makes You Feel Most Alive


This is a little wake-up, shake-up podcast about living the life that makes you feel the most alive. 
That means… getting out of auto pilot for some parts of your life and changing things up.  Really looking at what you’re doing each day and how you’re spending your time.  What makes you feel most alive and what makes you feel most drained? 
We have way more control than we think we do about how we design our lives.  Now, different people in different circumstances have obstacles to overcome or a path that’s just harder than other people to get there. 
But, you are in control.  You can change your perspective.  You can change your situation.  
If you’re not waking up most days, really jazzed about the day and what you’re about to do… it’s time to shake things up.  Because we’re not here to have regrets at age 90.  
When you’re out of balance, and you’re going through the motions and you aren’t really LIVING for the majority of your days… I have a reset hack for you. 
A few things that Lindsay talks about:
-Let’s decide today is going to be a shake up day. 
-If you are in a rut or overwhelmed or underwhelmed…. 
We need to interrupt your patterns and automatic nature of how you go through your day. 
-I joke that my least favorite word is “fine” because it’s so neutral. I’d rather be mad than fine. At least there is some emotion there. 
-In my life, I feel like this when I’m in the car too much - driving my kids all over.  I personally don’t feel alive on the freeway.  When there is too much of it, I know I need to adjust before I feel like my days are just on repeat and where do the hours even go.
-I have friends that I know have the same feelings about their corporate job.
Sometimes it happens in marriage or if you’re at college and not pursuing what you want.
Or maybe you have decided you didn’t make the choices you wanted and now you are past the time to make those choices - I’m just a big believer in - the right time is NOW and it’s never really actually too late to start the thing.  Whatever it is. 
-I’m going to share quotes from some of my favorite people on this topic at the end.
-But for me, I need a hack.  Something that I can do when I start to feel like this.  So here it is for this! 
-Lyrics to one of my favorite songs…
Living by Dierks Bentley 
Some days you just breath inJust try to break evenSometimes your heart'sPoundin' out of your chest
Sometimes it's just beatin'Some days you just forgetWhat all you've been givenSome days you just get back
Yeah, some days you're just aliveSome days you're livin'Some days you're livin'
Like you never dieBlue's a little bluer up in the skyYou're high's a little highYou feel that fire you've been missingSome days you're living
It'a beautiful world sometimes I don't see so clearSome days you start singin'And you don't need a reasonSometimes the world's just right
Your clear eyes ain't even blinkin'Got a heart full of gratefulFor all you've been givenSome days you just get by
Yeah, some days you're just aliveSome days you're livin' (ooh) mm hmmSome days you're livin' (ooh) yeahLivin' like you'll never die
-Take yourself out of the day to day and look at your life as if you were a drone. 
Get out of your own head and world and look at your days and life and see what’s working and what’s off.
-We all have small moments like this - and sometimes bigger life shake up moments when we feel like we’ve taken the wrong path. 
-Make a list - brain dump! 
-Episode 210 is about losing numbing habits- essential listen after this one! 
Mel Robbins talks about… every day when you wake up - you decide who you’re going to be.
-And I think, the lens you are going to see things through.  
-If you don’t decide who you are going to be, your habits, your old patterns and the stress of the day will decide for you. 
-You take control of the day and of your life when you set your intention for the day. 
-Every day you get to wake up who you’re going to be and what you’re going to do. 
-It’s the first step in taking control and deciding who you are going to be today. 
-We have to believe in a future that we can’t experience yet 
-But you have thought about enough so you can see it in your mind
-You have to think about it enough to where it starts to feel real 
-It’s easier to stay comfortable than get uncomfortable 
-It’s easier to stay with what you know because you don’t know what’s around the corner - that’s why some change is so hard. 
Dr. Joe Dispenza quotes: 
-"The biggest barrier to change is our own limiting beliefs.”
-"You have the power to create the life you want. You just have to believe it's possible.
-"Your thoughts and emotions create your reality. So if you want to create a better reality, you need to start with your thoughts and emotions.
-"Your personality creates your personal reality. Your personality is made up of how you think, act, and feel. So if you want to change your personal reality, you need to change your personality."
Mel Robbins quotes:
-"The only thing standing between you and the life you want is the story you keep telling yourself that you can't have it.
-"It's not about being fearless, it's about acting in spite of fear.
-"You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are a product of your choices.
-"Your life is happening right now. Make it amazing!"