260. How To Be Awesome At Winning Days When You Feel Like Shit

We all have days where we just feel just feel like shit. Maybe you are a little sick or under the weather or you’re straight bummed out or in a bad headspace or just low on energy… how do you handle it?

I think there are so many ways to handle times when you feel crappy, and turn it into a win.

In this episode, I’m sharing lots of ideas of how to turn a wasted day in to a winning day.  So many options - lean into whatever feels best to get you

Some days we have 100% energy and effort and happy headspace - and other days we have like 1% for whatever reason. Rather than label those days as “bad days” and going down a spiral and making it worse- let’s be strategic about it and figure out… what’s my best approach here?

What’s the best way to handle this- because we know the other way to the other side is to get through it.  Listen to this today and then again when you’re having one of those days… together, we will turn it around.  Let’s go!

Lindsay talks about these ways to handle it:

-Call it a day on the issue and don’t overthink it

-Do the best you can with the cards you’re dealt

-Hibernate and have some alone time!

-Get outside and change your headspace

-Don’t label the day as good or bad… you find what you’re looking for!

David Goggins style -

-Embrace discomfort - when you’re having a tough day, it’s easy to want to escape and numb or avoid the pain.  David Goggins style is to lean into the discomfort and push through.  Maybe it’s a hard workout or a tough challenge at work or face a tough conversation head on.

-Use positive self talk - reframe your mind - rest

-Embrace the suck- tough times make you stronger and more resilient in life

Brene Brown style-

-Practice self-compassion- talk to yourself like you would a good friend

-Have empathy - try to put yourself in other peoples shoes - if that’s mainly what’s bumming you out

-Get support- from people who love you

-Practice gratitude - focus on things you are grateful for and realize it could be worse

-Fund meaning in the struggle - the hardest times of our lives and bring the most growth and transformation. When you’re having one of those days, try to find meaning in the struggle and see it as opportunity for growth and learning.  The hardest times can help us become strong and more resilient and more compassionate.

CHEERS to turning SHITTY days into WINNING days!!