259. How To Be Awesome At Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously

This is not about not taking your life or goals seriously - it’s the opposite… it’s allowing yourself the freedom to make mistakes, try new things, laugh at yourself… so that your worries and stresses don’t consume you and prevent you from fully enjoying life. 
In this podcast episode, we’re talking about all the ways we can stay super focused on our priorities and being very intentional with our time, but at the same time, realizing the importance of not taking yourself too seriously.
And here’s why… it’s mental freedom.  Freedom from replaying past conversations or situations… freedom from overthinking… freedom from being indecisive or taking things personally that you could let go.
And the best part.. by doing this and thinking this way… you’ll have more FUN!  And what’s better than that!  
Here are some of the tips that Lindsay goes through in this episode:
-Be able to laugh at yourself 
We all make mistakes and wish we would have done certain things differently. 
By not beating yourself up and being able to move on - we save ourselves so much mental agony. 
Also, it takes work but being able to relax and take a joke- not take things too seriously - and not be offended! 
-Embrace mistakes - use them for learning and growth and move on. 
-Be present in the moment - it’s so easy to focus on yesterday and tomorrow instead. 
-Keep good perspective - and remember - this moment will not last forever - good or bad. 
Will this matter in a month or in a year? 
-Try new things - don’t get stuck in our ways.  Or telling ourselves we “aren’t good” at something or “can’t” do it for some reason.  These are usually mental hurdles that we put up ourselves. 
-Be around people who share this same thinking! 
When you make a mistake, or have something to decide on… we need people who are straightforward and honest but also, so supportive and forward thinking. 
-Be aware of your self-talk 
The words you say to yourself create the conversation that you have in your head all day.
Stop yourself from being overly critical or negative. 
Break the pattern. 
-Embrace your imperfections 
We all have flaws, own them, call yourself out, don’t hide.  Embrace them as part of what makes you unique. 
-Look for humor!!  
Go to a comedy show, tell jokes, if you have kids - do jokes with them! 
Follow someone funny on social media… make a point to laugh daily. 
-Take time to recenter - medication or stretching or calm
-Have more FUN! 
The more you are doing things you love, the more fun you’ll have and honestly- the less uptight you will be! 
CHEERS to not taking ourselves too seriously and realizing that most of it doesn’t matter anyway!