248. How To Be Awesome At Shopping For Healthy Foods

Today we are talking about healthy grocery store shopping tips!  So many thoughts and ideas for you on how to really shop for foods to make meals and snacks that fuel your body and give you energy and that are satisfying and delish to you. 

For so many years I would roam the grocery store not really knowing which items contained clean ingredients and were the highest quality without GMOs or MSG or seed oils or excessive sugar… some the things we want to avoid. 

I’ve invested so much time and money into getting my very non-formal education in nutrition and just overall mental and physical health and how what we put in our bodies, affects everything about us. 

Let’s pow wow about all things healthy at the grocery store!  


Do delivery!!  This way you are intentional about what you get and don’t forget the essentials.  Plus you spend less. 

When going in person or shopping online- think about shopping around the perimeter. 

Get a few go-to healthy meals that you cook each week so it is less overwhelming. 

Focus on protein!  This is what fills you up and gives you energy!  Lean proteins and healthy fats!

Low sugar is key!

No seed oils.

For grains and breads! 

Use the Bobby Approved app.

Learn to read labels. 

Consider food testing to see what you may be allergic or sensitive to. 

Buy organic when possible and avoid GMOs. 

Eggs & milk- organic and pasture raised
Chicken- organic (pasture raised or free-range even better) 
Beef- organic and grass fed 
Fish- wild caught 

Track what makes you feel great and what makes you feel sluggish or bloated. 

Use the 80/20 rule!  Life is to enjoy!  Eat and drink and celebrate!  80% of the time clean, 20% less restricted and more of what you really feel like. 

Find healthy swaps to things you love - muffins or cookies. 

Eat at home more - eat out less. 

Bring your own dressings or desserts out with you. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s fun! 

Choosing healthy foods at the grocery store is the first step to eating healthier overall.  You set yourself up to WIN and feel great doing it.  No dieting, no going hungry… it’s a lifestyle of choosing foods that fuel your body and make you feel AWESOME!!