258. How To Be Awesome At Not Answering Questions That You Don't Want To


Just because someone asked you a question… Doesn’t mean you have to answer it.

Follow me here… This whole concept is game changing.

We are sort of conditioned to answer a question when someone asks us one.

But often times… Answering the question makes us feel crappy or we regret it later… Or we get into a conflict that  we would rather avoid.

Let me give you a few examples.
You’re 12 weeks pregnant and someone says… Wow your huge are you having twins? Are you due soon??
Now, likely, this person isn’t intentionally being rude, but naturally, you’re probably not gonna feel great about the questions you were just asked. So rather than feeling even more shitty and answering their questions… How about just don’t. Especially if it’s a stranger.

My favorite way to not answer questions that I don’t want to is to just smile and sort of life. It shows this like deep confidence and I’m actively choosing what I want to respond to and not.

We are diving into SO MANY situations where people might ask you questions that are in intentionally rude or maybe just inconsiderate and they don’t realize it… but either way, it doesn’t matter.  Just because someone asked you a question… Doesn’t mean you have to answer it. You must listen to this entire podcast… I promise you it will serve you in ways that you don’t even realize yet.

FILE THIS UNDER- how did I not learn this sooner?

Here are some of the things Lindsay talks about:

Examples of questions!

1.  Do you think your best friend is really loyal?
2. Political anything!
3. Why did you get a divorce?
4. Why aren’t you nicer to your kids?
5.  Why don’t you have children yet?
6. Why do you spend so much time playing video games?
7. Why are you so sensitive?
8. How did you lose so much money?
9.  Are you single because you’re too picky?
10. Are you depressed because you had to close your business?

-Instead of getting fired up or sad or offended think - NOPE!  Not today!   Not getting in!!

-This is alllll a mental game of protecting our head space.  By engaging, we let it continue.

-We can’t control what people say but we can control how we respond to it and the meaning we give to it.

-Here are some alternate ways to respond!

-Smile and laugh
-Say something funny like…
Oh wow I didn’t know we were asking too personal and possibly offensive questions today
-Oh that’s yesterdays news- I’m onwards and upwards!
-Oh my goodness- that’s bold.  I think I’ll take a pass on that one!

-You will feel SO GOOD!!

-You’re setting personal boundaries and being strong and confident.

-Avoid arguments, avoid feeling crappy about something, don’t allow someones judgment of you to actually affect how you think about yourself.

-We are sidestepping questions to avoid all things negative!

-You are left with a feeling of control and self protection!  It’s empowering!  Too often we walk away from interactions with other people feeling deflated or uncomfortable or just down about ourselves.  Can we avoid so much of this by not answering questions we dont want to!

CHEERS to protecting your headspace and never answering questions that you don't want to!