246. Your Awesome Blueprint For Starting A New Project

Lindsay talks about how she talks to people all the time within her consulting program that want to start a business and they have this great idea but they feel like they don’t know where to start.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or to doubt yourself, and before you know it, you’ve had this idea that you’ve done nothing with for months or years. 
If you have an idea for a business or side business, this podcast is for you!
And to be honest, we think in the world we are living in now, we all should! 
There are so many ways you can make a career or side money from a business you start from home.
That’s what we are diving into today!  We have the BEST layout for how to overcome the hurdles and get moving towards starting your new project.
Here are some of the tips Lindsay goes over: 
-Clearly define what you want to do. Don’t dabble, don’t try to do many things.  Commit that this is the season of this project. 
-Learn everything there is to know about it.  Become an expert. 
-Find other people who have gone down a similar path and map out how this could look for you. Look for people who are just a few steps ahead of where you are and use that as inspiration. 
-Make the complicated not so complicated. 
-Believe with hard work and consistency, you can do. It might take 2 years when you want it to take 2 months, but you will get there. 
-Wake up and eat the frog.  Do one hard or big thing FIRST thing in the day.  Don’t start being reactive to your emails or what people need from you.  Get up, now your priorities and execute. 
-Eliminate negativity and noise.  It doesn’t serve you.  We are not in the business of taking criticism from people who are watching from the stands while we are out on the field.
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CHEERS to starting your new AWESOME project!