255. Kid Edition: How To Maintain Your Self Standards (Even When Other People Don’t!)

I have two very special guests with me today.. 
Presley and Parker!
Which means… this is a kids edition!
So round up your kids - this is an episode to listen to with them!
It is a topic that is great for kids of all ages- and adults too- it’s about own to maintain your self standards… even when other people don’t!
It’s not always easy… but we have a great plan for how to do it.
-What do we mean by self standards?
What you hold yourself to.  The type of person you are.  How you make people feel.
-So first we must figure out… what type of person do you want to be? 
-Now for the kids listening, please do the same thing.  Let’s say out loud your answer to this question - what type of person you want to be?  
Here are some ideas just to get you thinking… 
Considerate, kind, loving, funny, fun, supportive, determined, hard working, loyal, positive talker and enthusiastic
-You can even write it down and keep it in your bedroom or bathroom.
-Now, in life, none of us are perfect and sometimes we make decisions that don’t match who we want to be.  
-When you are in a situation and someone else is unkind to you, it’s easy to react in the same way that they treated you.  But the problem is, this isn’t who we have promised ourselves we would be.  
-This podcast episode is all about staying true to the type of person that we have decided we are going to be.
-EVEN WHEN people don’t treat you how you want to be treated.
-They are lowering their standards for themselves, but we don’t want to do the same. 
-So that’s what we want to work through today… WHAT type of person are you going to be?  And then, everyday we want to work to keep ourselves making decisions that support the type of person we want to be.
-Sounds pretty easy right?  It’s easy when we are thinking about it- but sometimes when real life throws curve balls our way… it will test us!
-So we need to decide the type of person we want to be then really work on sticking to it each day. 
-Let’s talk about a few examples.
-What if you’re on the playground someone says- are your shoes new? You say yes, and they say, well they are ugly. 
Your reaction might be to say something mean back like… well yours are old and dirty.
-So what happened here is they lowered their standard of themselves.. and then you did too.
-You might feel like you defended yourself so you might feel good for a second like you got them back… but then you don’t feel so good.
Why?  Because that’s not the person you want to be.  You don’t want to be mean because they were mean.
-But you can’t let people walk on you either.  So it gets tricky to uphold your standards for yourself but also be able to be strong and stand up for yourself when you need to. 
We hope this episode helped you decide who you are going to be and then make decisions each day to support that! 
Thank you for listening!  Have an awesome day! 
Love, Lindsay, Presley and Parker